In 2009, my wife gave me an Optimus Prime figure as a birthday present, which triggered a beginning of these collections. I really liked them and couldn't stop myself from more and more… Then I decided to take photos for each of my Transformers, to show their delicacy and beauty. I'm sure they will feast your eyes. If you like them, please feel free to share them.
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3rd Party - Maketoys the Fallen

Master Piece Series - Autobots

Master Piece Series - Decepticons

Transformers Prime - All Characters

Movie - Leader Class Magatron

3rd Party - FansProject & MakeToys

DMK Optimus Prime

Movie - Leader Class Optimus Prime

Movie - Leader Class Magatron(2007)

Movie - Leader Class Starscream

Classic Series - Thunderwing & SkyShadow

Movie - Incinerator

Movie - Skids & Mudflap Icecream Van

War of Cybertron Series

Movie - Tomica Alloy Cars

Movie - Breakaway / Thurst / Air Raid

Movie - Voyager Class Starscream

Movie - Bonecrusher

Movie - Lugnut

Movie - Arcee Triplets

Movie - Delux Class Optimus Prime

Movie - Ultimate Class Optimus Prime

Movie - Voyager Class Optimus Prime

Movie - Sideway

Classic Series - Wreckers

3rd Party - CHMS Planes

Movie - Scorponok

Movie - Landmine

Movie - Tomahawk

Movie - Ratchet

Movie - Dropkick

Movie - Shockwave

Movie - Seekers

Movie - Ironhide

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